The journey of my life through Brabant

I lived and worked most of my life in Brabant, it held a very special place in my heart

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The journey of Vincent's life

Brabant is a must-visit destination for anyone with an interest in Vincent's life and work. He spent most of his life in Brabant, and it helped to shape him as a person and as a painter. He was always nostalgic about Brabant, the place where his deep affection for nature and rural life was born.

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There are countless reminders of Vincent van Gogh's life in Brabant, providing a glimpse into his childhood and his youth, and telling stories of his roots, dreams, passions, loves and experiences. How did each of these shape him and play a part in some of the major decisions of his life?

Embark on a journey through Vincent's life. 
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  • Vincent's life in iPad-game 'Explore Vincent'

    Vincent's life in iPad-game 'Explore Vincent'

    The iPad app about Vincent van Gogh's turbulent life. Animations, games and many historical facts tell the story about the life and works of the world-famous painter.

  • Cycle through Vincent's homeland

    Cycle through Vincent's homeland

    In Eindhoven, in an area that Vincent van Gogh represented in his paintings, you can find this unique cycle path inspired by Vincent van Gogh's painting The Starry Night.