Route Van Gogh Europe

Together with various heritage locations in Belgium, France and the Netherlands, Van Gogh Brabant has initiated Route Van Gogh Europe. Over twenty organisations working together to preserve, develop and share Vincent van Gogh's cultural heritage. 

Discover Vincent's life and art

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) is one of the world’s most loved artists. His paintings, drawings and letters inspire people of all ages. His work can be admired in numerous museums around the world. Many places where the artist lived and worked, from the Netherlands to the South of France are also open to the public. Route Van Gogh Europe makes it possible to visit various locations where Vincent van Gogh lived and where his work can be seen. Together they tell the artist’s life story and show how he developed; from a young boy in Zundert to one of the greatest artists who would add new horizons to the history of art.


The friends Ruben, Jiro and Frank have spent the past few months travelling in Vincent van Gogh’s footsteps. They visited landscapes in Brabant and Belgian mines, they ventured through unspoilt nature to Vincent’s final resting place in Northern France, and they continued their journey to the blistering heat of Arles and Saint-Rémy. 

Follow Van Gogh through Europe and share your story!


Visit Van Gogh locations in three countries

Sixteen locations in three countries open their doors to visitors with an interest in Van Gogh's life and art. Check out the offer and plan hyour Van Gogh experience. 

Van Gogh Europe

Nomination European Cultural Tourism Region 2017

Van Gogh Europe has received a nomination from the German Culture Brands Award (Kulturmarken-award). The jury selected Van Gogh Europe from the 107 applications. The award will be presented on 9 November to the best destination from 2017. For the collaborating Van Gogh locations, this nomination reflects the great appreciation for its efforts towards international collaboration that it started in 2012.

Nomination Van Gogh Europe