Van Gogh Mega Portrait on view in Nuenen

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The Van Gogh Mega Portrait, a self-portrait of Vincent van Gogh made out of plants and natural materials is on view in Nuenen from 31 May. This large ‘painting’ measuring almost one hectare is located close to the spot where The Potato Eaters was created and is positioned near the base of the windmill that Van Gogh painted. The world’s smartest region is using this as a way of giving the Floriade a face of its own. The Van Gogh Mega Portrait, which will change in colour naturally over the coming months can be viewed until the middle of October 2012.

The Van Gogh Mega Portrait is an initiative of Van Gogh Brabant and is a way of emphasising the relationship between Brabant and Van Gogh. SRE (Collaboration Organisation Region Eindhoven) and Eindhoven365 are using the Floriade expo as an opportunity to give extra impulse and recognition to the recreational opportunities in the Eindhoven region. The self-portrait was officially opened on 30 May by the State Representative for Noord Brabant, Brigite van Haaften and Rob van Gijzel, chair of the SRE. People interested in viewing the portrait from above can admire it from a viewing platform.

Students from The Green Campus laid out the portrait
Students from The Green Campus (De Groene Campus) in Helmond laid out the portrait from perennials, grass, wood chips, sand and even summer barley in collaboration with the Van Gogh Village Nuenen Foundation and Vrijetijdshuis Brabant. The students at The Green Campus study ‘Indoor and Outdoor Design’ and ‘Gardens, Parks and Landscapes’ and are using the Van Gogh Mega Portrait to gain work experience. The students’ developments and the self-portrait can be followed on or on Twitter and Facebook (#vangoghbrabant).

Foretaste of a Cultural Capital
The Van Gogh Mega Portrait is situated in a meadow on the corner of Broekdijk and Gerwensedijk in Nuenen. This location is part of the bid for 2018Eindhoven/Brabant as the location where the Van Gogh activities in Brabant will combine in a Potato Festival. The creation is therefore a symbolic foretaste of the intended collaboration that will need to develop in 2018.

Floriade will be 4 hectares bigger
Through the efforts of Van Gogh Brabant and Van Gogh Village Nuenen, an extra four hectares has been added to the 66 hectare grounds of the Floriade expo in Venlo. In addition to the Van Gogh Mega Portrait the area around the Roosdonck windmill and next to the Potato Eaters house has been sown with sunflower seeds. During the summer visitors will be able to walk along footpaths through the sunflower fields.

The landmark is an initiative of Van Gogh Brabant in collaboration with SRE and Eindhoven365. Implementation has been undertaken by Vrijetijdshuis Brabant, The Green Campus and Van Gogh Village Nuenen. The portrait has been realized thanks to the good collaboration between governmental authorities, businesses and educational institutions. Local businesses Fons Linders Tuinmeesters and De Beer Service have made this possible not only by making the ground and material available but also by arranging the viewing platform.