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Anyone wishing to study the work of Vincent van Gogh or tread in his footsteps as a tourist cannot ignore Brabant. Not only was he born and raised there, he later made a deliberate choice to work on his career as a drawer and painter in rural Brabant. The way things turned out he lived there for half his life. For the artist who had intended to become a genuine peasant farmer, the countryside of his carefree childhood offered plenty of things to interest him. Among the farmworkers he found the motivation to study his models, their houses and the land on which they worked.

It was later, in Arles and during his voluntary admission to the Saint-Rémy mental hospital, that the thoughts of the countryside of his youth filled him with homesickness. During his convalescence he started writing to his mother again and he painted his memories of Brabant.

Various locations are witness to the life and work of this famous artist. You can discover the Brabant biography of Vincent van Gogh on a walk around these places